Copier Repair

If your copier is in need of a good cleaning. We provide fast, courteous service on all copiers and multi function copiers.

Fax Repair

If your fax machine is in need of a good cleaning. We provide fast, efficient, courteous service on all fax machines.

HP Laser Printer Repair

HP Printer need fixing? We’ve got certified experts specializing in on-site repair of all HP Laser models.

Laser Printer Repair

Call us if your laser printer is experiencing paper jams, error codes, not sending properly, not working properly, etc.

Shredder Repair

Is your shredder giving you problems? Is it not shredding or jamming papers? Is your shredder running?

Typewriter Repair

Is your typewriter not typing? Any keys sticking? Push a key and nothing happens? Is it typing too lightly?

Computer Repair

Is your computer not running? Is your computer running slow? Do you have a virus and your computer is not working?